Moving to a new flat – part II

After 2.5 month of renovation in our new flat, we are almost ready to enter into it. There are still some small things to do but it doesn’t interfere us to move on.

We have allready done:

– room for our son Kuba,
– our bedroom,
– the kitchen,
– the bathroom,
– the sitting room.

Still to be done:

– the smallest room, but for now it is ok.

I think that at the end of this week We’ll be ready to move to our flat, and finally take a rest from all renovations 🙂

Moving to a new flat

Yesterday, we get informatino from the bank, that we have a credit rating to exchange our small flat 37,7m2 to a bigger one (72,5m2 😀 ). We get it very fast. The Bank (PKO BP) told us that we will have to wait for at least two week, but we get it in three (3) days !

Now we have to move our things from the small one to the biggest flat 🙂 Next will go on the plumber man 😉 and the guys who will do rest of the bathroom 🙂

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