How-to: Debian and Novell

I decided that I will describe things that I do in my work.

Lately I have got to get into Novell shares to make backups of all user document etc. I decided to use Debian.

In general I have to get installed two packages from Debian repisitory:

# apt-get install ipx ncpfs

After that I have to add to the network interface capablity to connect via IPX

# ipx_interface add -p eth0 EtherII

using command

# ifconfig eth0

we can check if option IPX/Ethernet show up. Next, by using slist, we can list available Novell servers in our network.

Next thing to do is create a directory where we can mount our Novell server shares. We can do it either in /mnt or /media.

# mkdir /media/novell

Last thing to do is mount Novell share like this:

# ncpmount -S server_name -U user_name -P password path_to_dir

After that we can finally use Novell shares under Debian šŸ™‚

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