How to mount usb drive in ClearOS 6.4

Recently i had a problem with my server running ClearOS 6.4. One of the array hardrive goes down, and i had to recover what could be recovered (it wasn’t important server but users wanted to get back some data).

I have plugged usb 1TB drive, but the COS cannot mount it. The solution was easy:

  1. shows me that my usb drive was connected to /dev/sdb

  2. shows me that the partition type was HPFS/NTFS
  3. next thing was to add rpmforge repo to ClearOS (i followed instructions from CentOS wiki) but i have to install wget first 🙂

    because it wasn’t installed on my server. After that i do some things like:
  4. After that i created a directory in /mnt

    and then do

After that i am trying to copy what i can from that array 🙂

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