MySQL Workbench in CentOS

During my work on my latest project which is using MySQL database, allmost all work with databases, tables etc. I was doing using the linux terminal. A few days ago while reading some IT newspaper I have found a review of a MySQL Workbench. After that I was looking if that piece of software is available in my distro (CentOS). I didn’t found it (maybe I don’t have all repos in my linux ;)). So i decided to download it from MySQL website (here).
I Was looking if there were packages for my distro, but the only suitable was RedHat/Oracle Linux :(. So I decided to downloand it. After that – as root user – I’ve done standard command:

# rpm -ivh mysql-workbench-gpl-5.2.38-1el6.i686.rpm

But I’ve got error that two libraries was missing in my linux:

  • libzip,
  • pexpect

so the

# yum install libzip pexpect

command done the work.

After that the rpm command installed the MySQL Workbench. And below are screenshots of that software 🙂


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