TightVNC Viewer and Wine (Linux)

Today I found a very usefull piece of software – TightVNC Viewer/Server. The main problem is that the new 2.0.2 version is designed only to work under Windows, but we – Linux users – has an option which is Wine. The installation under Linux (CentOS 5.5) is very simple and goes like this:

1. TightVNC Welcome screen

2. TightVNC License Agreement

3. Here wew have to choose which components we want to install.
(Under Linux I only choosed TightVNC Viewer, but under
Windows I choosed both options

4. Now we have to choose the installation path
(I choosed the default path)

5. Here we have to choose the Start Menu Folder

6. Here we have to choose some additional task
(Under Windows I checked both options but under Linux
I only checked “File associations”

7. TightVNC Setup Installation Complete

8. TightVNC Setup Complete

9. TightVNC – New TightVNC Connection

10.TightVNC under Linux (CentOS 5.5 and Wine)

After those few minutes the installation is complete, and as I showed on the last picture the program works fine, and I have successfully connect to host working under Windows and Linux.

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