Windows 8 and Avast v7 – driver irql not less or equal bug

Few days ago I have installed Windows 8 Enterprise (90 days evaluation edition) on my company workstation. Everything was fine until i have installed Avast in version 7 (I don’t remember the major and minor version). The W8 became unstable – it was hanging from time to time.

My first though was that is something wrong with my hardware – so I started to check it but it look that everything was ok. After next system hang i noticed that the W8 is giving me a clue of what is causing this. It was

driver IRQL not less or equal (aswnet.sys or dll – don’t remember 😉 )

I started to google the internet and i have found information about here and here.

The problem was with old version of Avast Antivirus. I have upgraded Avast to the latest version and after that everything was ok.

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