Zabbix Part 1 – CentOS 7 installation

In CentOS7  Zabbix is in 2.2 version. To install the lastest version (2.4) we have to create a new repo file for Zabbix 2.4

and insert those information:

Ok, now we can install Zabbix

Now we have to setup MariaDB (MySQL fork)

and install it

Now we have to log into mysql and create database for zabbix

Ok, we have now installed and configured mysql server for Zabbix. Now we have to create database schema for Zabbix

After that we have to reconfigure zabbix.conf file which is located in /etc/httpd/conf.d/. Original file looks like this

I have modified those parameters:

Now it’s time to change some parameteres in zabbix_server.conf. We have to change CacheSize and StartPingers like this:

Now we have to open port 10050 for Zabbix Agent

And for SNMP (for devices that cannot have Zabbix Agent installed like switches etc )

Last thing is to start httpd service, zabbix server and agent and enable it during system restarts

We are done! Now go to your browser and point t your zabbix server


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