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Problem connecting to KVM with Virt-Manager

Recently I have had some issues with connecting from my laptop running Linux OS (Fedora 30, Xubuntu 19.04) from virt-manager to server running KVM. Virt-Manager keeps asking me for root password, which was very annoying.

The solution was simple – first I had to create ssh keys which then I needed to send to my CentOS(7) server running KVM

After that I was able to use Virt-Manager without any asking for password.

ClearOS 6.x , OpenVPN and Windows 10

Recently I have been in the UK, in a company where many users are connecting to my company server data via VPN and they have told me, that they have problems with OpenVPN client running on Windows 10.

First problem was with OpenVPN client version because, the newest client requires Administrator rights to start. The working version in my case was 32bit and 64bit versions.

The second problem was that after one hour the connection was closing down. Solution for that was easy. I had to only add those two lines

to openvpn config file – and that’s it. After one hour the connection was still up and runnig !


ClearOS 6.x MultiWan

Today i have had a problem with 3 external internet connection. What i did at the very beginning of configuring it was that I haven’t choose which interface is the PRIMARY and which is BACKUP.

At the very beginning i have only one external wan so there where no problems but, after some time i have had second and about 3 month ago third external wan.

When one interface was down whole traffic did not know which other interface he had to choose πŸ˜‰

Today i have set it up properly and voila everything works as planned.

QoS on ClearOS 6.5 Community Edition

Today – after struggling from the begining for network speed – i have found a very helpfull piece of software for bandwith management which was QoS (beta).

After only installing it and enabling via webconfig it starts to do its job!

Now my users stop complaining about “why the internet is soooooo sloooow?”

Amazing, really amazing….

ClearOS OpenVPN routing problem

I have a two routers based on ClearOS. On both of them i have OpenVPNΒ service running. One of them connects with no problem but on the second one a cannot ping any device/server/printer on “the other side”.

I executed route command and got this:

So i figured out that there is no route to the remote place. As root I executed this command:

And finally i could access servers from “the other side”. The problem was in router/server which was running openvpn service.

I have had to edit /etc/openvpn/clients.conf and /etc/openvpn/clients-tcp.conf files and add this line at the end of both files:

After restarting the OpenVPN service on the server and connecting to the remote place via openvpn command everything goes right

The route command gave me this output:

which was good and everything was working as it was planned.

Installing SARG on ClearOS 6.x

Today i have successfully installed and configured SARG on my work ClearOS 6.x based router. Main goal was to get better reports from existing data.

What we need is:

  1. Installing WGET
  2. Installing RPMForge repo

    Now we have to disable rpmforge repo to avoid conflicts between different software (for example during yum update process). You have to edit /etc/yum.repos.d/rpmforge.repo and change enabled=1 to 0 (zero).
  3. Installing SARG
  4. Configuring SARG
    You can edit /etc/sarg/sarg.conf to modify any variables you want. Also we have to fix problem with subdirectories
  5. Testing SARG – generate one-shoot report
  6. Access SARG reports from your IP
    To see reports generated by SARG you have to edit “/etc/httpd/conf.d/sarg.conf” and the line “# Allow from” to the IP of your workstation. You can add as many IP as you want. After that it is required to restart webserver
  7. Testing SARG scripts

    There should be no information after running those scripts
  8. The end
    If feverything goes ok, you should visit http://you-server-ip/sarg/ to see reports generated by SARG πŸ™‚

ps. Thanks Tony Ellis from clearfundation forum for tips how to do it right.

How to mount usb drive in ClearOS 6.4

Recently i had a problem with my server running ClearOS 6.4. One of the array hardrive goes down, and i had to recover what could be recovered (it wasn’t important server but users wanted to get back some data).

I have plugged usb 1TB drive, but the COS cannot mount it. The solution was easy:

  1. shows me that my usb drive was connected to /dev/sdb

  2. shows me that the partition type was HPFS/NTFS
  3. next thing was to add rpmforge repo to ClearOS (i followed instructions from CentOS wiki) but i have to install wget first πŸ™‚

    because it wasn’t installed on my server. After that i do some things like:
  4. After that i created a directory in /mnt

    and then do

After that i am trying to copy what i can from that array πŸ™‚