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How to install MS SQL Server 2017 on CentOS 7

There are many instructions and how-to’s regarding installing MS SQL Server 2017 on CentOS 7 but here are my notes about it:

  1. You should plan how to setup your CentOS 7 system because by default MS SQL Server hold his files in those directories:
    1. SQL Server 2017 file location after install
    2. database and others
    3. Of course this directories can be changed after install, but does anyone change directories for MySQL/PostgreSQL ?
  2. Read carefully documentation provided by Microsoft ®, especially this:
  3. Check if your software will work with MS SQL Server running on Linux. Some software will work but you will probably have no support if you run it that way.

Here is how I have setup my CentOS 7 to work with MS SQL Server only

  1. I have created Virtual Machine which has:
    2 x CPU’s
    8 GB of RAM
    100 GB of space
    1 x NIC
  2. Disk partitioning:
    /boot – 1024 MB
    / – 30 GB
    /var – 60 GB
    /tmp – 5 GB
    /var/log – 5 GB
    /swap – 8192 MB
  3. CentOS 7 setup
    1. Update system
    2. Enable EPEL repo (not necessery, but I like to have it)
    3. Download MS SQL Server 2017 repo
    4. Install
    5. Setup
  4. Enabling TCP port on firewall
  5. Connecting from SQL Management Studio
    1. Logon screen
    2. After logon screen

I think this is all … for now 😉 I will try to write something more after I will test it in production.

Mounting Windows share in CentOS 7

Today i have to connect to Windows share from CentOS 7. This is how I done it:

then I have created directory in /mnt

after that:

That’s all 🙂

ClearOS 6.x , OpenVPN and Windows 10

Recently I have been in the UK, in a company where many users are connecting to my company server data via VPN and they have told me, that they have problems with OpenVPN client running on Windows 10.

First problem was with OpenVPN client version because, the newest client requires Administrator rights to start. The working version in my case was 32bit and 64bit versions.

The second problem was that after one hour the connection was closing down. Solution for that was easy. I had to only add those two lines

to openvpn config file – and that’s it. After one hour the connection was still up and runnig !


Windows 8 and Avast v7 – driver irql not less or equal bug

Few days ago I have installed Windows 8 Enterprise (90 days evaluation edition) on my company workstation. Everything was fine until i have installed Avast in version 7 (I don’t remember the major and minor version). The W8 became unstable – it was hanging from time to time.

My first though was that is something wrong with my hardware – so I started to check it but it look that everything was ok. After next system hang i noticed that the W8 is giving me a clue of what is causing this. It was

driver IRQL not less or equal (aswnet.sys or dll – don’t remember 😉 )

I started to google the internet and i have found information about here and here.

The problem was with old version of Avast Antivirus. I have upgraded Avast to the latest version and after that everything was ok.

Windows network script

Today i have discovered a very usefull script to manage network connection under Windows XP/Vista/7. I know that this is maybe obvoius but I want to share that info.

First is a script for automatically obtaining IP adres:

netsh interface ip set addres name=”Default network connection” source=dhcp
netsh interface ip set dns “Default network connection” source=dhcp
netsh interface ip set wins name=”Default network connection” source=dhcp

Second one is for static IP configuration”

netsh interface ip set address name=”Default network connection” source=static gwmetric=1
netsh interface ip set dns “Default network connection” static

Of course you should replace the with your IP configuration 🙂

Remmina under CentOS 6.2

After looking for something which I could use to remotely connect to Windows Desktop I found a small piece of software which is Remmina. Before that was using a script, which was very useful, but there was missing some functionality which was important in my work. I have downloaded the Remmina (remmina-0.9.3.tar.gz) source file and also remmina plugins (remmina-plugins-0.9.2.tar.gz) from here: For proper install from the source we’ll need those libs:

  • libssh-devel
  • avahi-ui-devel
  • vte-devel
  • unique-devel
  • freerdp-devel
  • rdesktop
  • libjpeg-devel
  • libxkbfile-devel

and then you’ll have to compile the remmina plugins and after that remmina main program. If everything goes ok, you will have a very nice remote desktop client 🙂