How-to: Mounting Novell shares under Debian

Earlier i have describe how to get into Novell shares. Now I want to show how to get this under system boot.

As we know the /etc/fstab file contains information about our partition and mount points,

[file system] [mount point] [type] [options] [dump] [pass]

Now, we have to add information into /etc/fstab about Novell shares like this:

server/user mount_point ncpfs options 0 0

NOVELL/JOE /media/novell ncpfs rw,user,passwdfile=/etc/ncppass 0 0

In /etc directory we have to create a file wich will contain information about our Novell login and password. The information should look like




The last thing to do is to restart your server and enjoy Novell shares in Debian 🙂

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