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Cloning VirtualBox vmdk to vdi


First of all you have to shutdown VirtualBox machine that you wan’t to clone. After that create new folder where you wan’t to clone existing vmdk machine to vdi [crayon-61a8973c9ae85802454895/]…

Mounting Windows share in CentOS 7


Today i have to connect to Windows share from CentOS 7. This is how I done it: [crayon-61a8973c9b39b787435710/] then I have created directory in /mnt [crayon-61a8973c9b3a0065292163/] after that: [crayon-61a8973c9b3a3014631413/] That’s…

ClearOS 6.x , OpenVPN and Windows 10


Recently I have been in the UK, in a company where many users are connecting to my company server data via VPN and they have told me, that they have…

Prestashop 1.6 max_input_vars


How to increase max_input_vars on remote hosting? Simple via .htaccess – just add this: [crayon-61a8973c9b81a281824259/]

HP Proliant ML 110 G5, CentOS 7 and Smart Array P400

Recently i had to reinstall my old (but still working) server. I have bought Smart Array P400 instead of my old Smart Array E200, added new harddrives (WD Caviar Black 1TB x 2). And there was an issue regarding that on CentOS 7.x (RHEL 7.x) there is no more drivers for that controller. This was bad for me. I have started to google the internet and have found a solution for this: and Solution was simple:
  1. Download drivers from here
  2. Add above driver for CentOS 7 during boot process
  3. Install CentOS 7



Hi all, Nothing has been posted recently on my site, but there is a reason – currently I am trying to write three big post’s about very interesting stuff. So…



Regards to all of you. Now i am having a great time with family at polish sea.

ATOM – a hackable text editor


Thank’s to Jono’s Bacon information on Tweeter i have discovered ATOM – a very fast and easy to use text editor, which anyone can customize it for his own purpose 🙂…

PHP coding at night :)


Yesterday I was programming late at night (4 am) and all the time I had a problem with authentication when switching between web sites. This morning I looked at the…